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General information

Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

Loki is a one-man technical consultancy – specializing in Macs – based in Beacon, NY.

I worked with various IT agencies in NYC before setting up Loki in 2006. My aim in creating a technical consulting firm was to provide technology solutions with a highly personal slant. Technology has enormous potential, and I’m dedicated to making it work for my clients.

I follow the same approach whether working with an individual with home computer issues, or a company with more complex needs. My watchwords are patience, clarity, and professionalism. I will always explain all the options that are available to you, and explain why I recommend one solution over another.

I’m the patient voice at the end of the phone, and a friendly face at your home or office.

Why spend fruitless hours struggling with the technology when you’d rather be using it to earn your keep or live your life? I am available to visit in Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley, and I also travel to NYC. For those further afield, I can often help you remotely using screen sharing.

I would love to talk with you further about helping you manage your technology. Please drop me a line or call me!

(PS: To avoid confusion, I should point out that I am, in fact, not the shape-shifting god of Norse mythology of the same name. He’s a nice chap, we go for a drink every now and again, but we do have a non-compete agreement. I agree not to cause general chaos and merriment in Asgard, and he agrees not to do technical support in the Hudson Valley. I think it’s working out very well for both of us so far.)


— Matt Clifton, Owner, Loki