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Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the resources to maintain their own in-house technical department. No matter what the size of your business, I can tailor solutions to meet your needs.

I can put together purchase recommendations, whether for a single computer or device, a network, or a whole enterprise. I’ve set companies up from scratch with a technology plan which meets their initial and ongoing budget plans.

I will plan and install networks and upgrades, including firewalls and many types of server. I’ll set up VPN lines so that two office locations can communicate securely, and your employees can log in from their homes or remote locations. I’ll integrate your Macs and Windows PCs in one environment so that they can interact smoothly.

Are you comfortable with your current backup plan? Do you know what files you back up, and how often? How long it would take to recover those files? Are they as secure as you would like? Have you tested your recovery process? What about offsite storage? For too many companies, their crucial information is one drive failure away from loss. I’ll put together an automated backup and/or archiving strategy that ensures your company information is safe and secure, ensuring that you’re up and running as soon as possible after a computer crash or other disaster.

I have a wide range of experience in software support and can act as your helpdesk for Mac OS X or Windows applications. I’m versed in video and audio workflows including capturing, editing and output; and conversion of high definition content for the web, mobile devices, and more traditional channels.

Technology shouldn’t just be a means to an end for your business, but a way to open up new areas of growth.

To find out the kind of businesses that I’ve worked with, take a look at my client list.

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