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Do you like getting lots of email? Do you wish you had even more of it in your inbox every morning, making you sit through hours of tedious reading and deleting, wondering if you will ever be able to escape the drudgery of your technological shackles and get out into the real world, because the garden won’t weed itself?

Hm, I’m not selling this very well, am I. Let’s try this again! Do you like getting insider tips and tricks to help you better understand your Mac, and perhaps to help your Mac understand you? Do you want time-saving techniques, helpful nuggets of information, lessons to get you familiar with your computer? Do you like being such a wiz at your Mac and iDevices that neighborhood kids will start asking YOU how to do things? Do you like chocolate cupcakes?* (*Note: actual chocolate cupcakes not available.)

Sure you do! And it’s about time you did something about it! Take control of your Mac and stop the frustrations of wondering WHY Apple chose to put that button over there, and how DO you back up your important files, and what can you do with a right-click, and what is a right-click anyway. A couple of times a month on average, I’ll send out a new tip-sheet packed with information, keyboard shortcuts, and other tricks that I think you’ll find invaluable.

Please join me on this educational odyssey by signing up using the form on this page. It’s free, no salesmen will call, and you can unsubscribe at any time, I promise.

Be well,