Remote support

Sometimes a technical situation calls for a consultant on site to make physical installations, plug things in, or simply to be able to assess the issue face-to-face. When that’s not possible, or if you don’t need on site help, remote screen sharing is my tool of choice. A remote session allows me to see your screen, as well as temporarily take control of your computer.

The application I use is called Teamviewer. Once you install and run it, you’ll get an ID number and a one-time passcode. You give those to me over the phone or via text, and I will be able to connect to you. Once you quit out of the application, the connection is closed, and the passcode is no longer valid. The next time you launch Teamviewer, you’ll get a brand new passcode.

The system is fast, secure, and free for you to use. It doesn’t run in the background and so there’s no risk that someone else can take over your computer without your knowledge or permission. 

You can download Teamviewer from the link below, ready for our first session.